Pricing and special offers to new patients

Gloss & Floss Dental Clinic is connected to the Swedish National Insurance System (Försäkringskassan).

First Assessment SEK 455 (New patients rebate).    Regular price 995:-
Thorough examination by a dentist. You will receive a therapy plan together with a cost estimate.

Urgent Dental Consultation SEK 295 (New patients rebate).  Regular price 495:-
Starting price for a supplementary examination. In case of possible treatment, costs are added.

The state dental care support consists of general and special dental care grants, as well as high-cost protection. It is there as a protection against high costs, to stimulate preventive dental care, and to provide increased support to those who are at risk of poorer dental health due to their disability or illness.

The dental care support is administered by Försäkringskassan. Your dentist or dental hygienist can inform you about which dental care entitles you to state dental care support.

Cancellation and rebooking

Your appointment can be canceled via email or phone. Cancellations and re-bookings are valid 24 hours before your booked treatment, otherwise you will be charged according to the rate.

Any offers fall under the same booking conditions. Note that the cancellation rule applies regardless of the reason. Incorrectly canceled time is charged automatically.

The above rules exist, among other things, so that we can offer another patient emergency care instead of refusing due to full occupancy, and we assume that this is understood.