Consultation with digital skin scanner 395 SEK (In case of continued treatment, the cost of the consultation is deducted).

Gloss & Floss® offers an advanced skin analysis with our digital skin scanner, through advanced technology, the digital skin scanner enables an in-depth analysis of your skin, giving you a personalized and tailored treatment plan to suit your needs.

Using advanced sensors and image processing algorithms, the digital skin scanner can accurately map your skin structure, measure moisture, detect imperfections and even identify specific skin problems such as acne, redness or aging. This detailed analysis gives you a whole new understanding of your skin and its needs.

By following the recommendations generated by the scan, our trained staff will help you select the best products and treatments to maximize your skin health and beauty.

  • Consultation and skin analysis with skin scanner 395 SEK
  • Microneedling Basic 45 min Price: SEK 2895
  • Microneedling Golden 90 min Price: SEK 3895
  • Growth Factor treatment face Price: 3095 kr
  • Advanced Hair Complex treatment Price: 5 treatments SEK 13.590
  • Thread lift Price: From 6000 SEK
  • Botulinum toxin: 1 area: 3490 kr, 2 areas: 4190 kr, 3 areas: 5195 kr (Touch-up included).
  • Fillers Price: 1.0 ml filler fr. 3195 kr
  • SkinBooster Price: 2.0 ml €5990
  • SkinCeuticals Glow Treatment 45 minutes Price: SEK 995
  • SkinCeuticals Lux Treatment 75 min Price: SEK 1595