Surgical interventions & dental operations

At Gloss & Floss Dental Care®, we offer all types of dental surgery, including the removal of wisdom teeth and root remnants and replacement with dental implants or crowns and bridges.

Wisdom tooth removal

We specialize in dealing with all scenarios of wisdom teeth, whether they are in the upper or lower jaw.

Wisdom teeth can vary in position, anatomy and inclination and may sometimes require surgery to remove them.

If you have swelling around a wisdom tooth (called pericoronitis) and difficulty biting, opening your mouth or swallowing, it may be necessary to remove the wisdom tooth.

The dentist may prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to relieve symptoms, but in more severe cases surgery may be required.

Always seek professional help if you suspect you have a problem with a wisdom tooth. Our team at Gloss & Floss Dental Care® is here to help you manage your dental problems and make sure you get the care you need.

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