Surgical interventions & dental operations

Gloss & Floss Dental Care ® performs wide range of oral surgery procedures. This includes Teeth fracture due to trauma, Fractured roots, heavily decayed or impacted wisdom tooth and root remains are to be removed and replaced with implants or crowns and bridges.

Wisdom tooth surgery in Stockholm

Wisdom teeth in the upper jaw are often simple and easy to remove. In the lower jaw, an operation might be required and this may depend on circumstances surrounding the tooth. Wisdom teeth vary more in their position, anatomy and inclination. Most often, they emerge only partially and the tooth that remains in the jaw is covered by mucous membrane. This means that it is not always possible to remove them with a simple tooth extraction without requiring surgery.

It happens that the area around a wisdom tooth swells (“Pericoronitis”) and you have difficulty biting, gaping and swallowing.

Depending on clinical circumstances, antibacterial rinsing with Chlorhexidine or flushing under the swollen gums may be sufficient. However, if general conditions such as fever and fatigue occur, you should immediately seek emergency treatment from a dentist. The dentist prescribes antibiotics and painkillers, and in case of recurring and severe problems, wisdom tooth surgery is rescheduled until the acute phase is over.

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