What is Icon treatment?

The most common causes of white spots on the teeth are damage to the teeth as a child and mineralization disorder where the enamel has a lower density than usual.

If you are concerned about white or brownish spots on your front teeth, there is a treatment for this, it is called an ICON treatment.

The most common reason these enamel defects occur was too high fluoride levels in the water when the teeth were formed.

With Icon treatment, the tooth structure is balanced and teeth resemble the healthy enamel after treatment.

How is Icon treatment done?

The treatment begins with your teeth being cleaned, then an acid solution is applied which opens up the pores in the enamel on the teeth and when the pores are open, the agent is applied a certain number of times which fills the pores and causes the white spots to disappear. The treatment takes about 60–80 minutes, depending on how many teeth are to be treated.

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