Preparation and fillings

Repairs and fillings are common forms of dental care aimed at repairing and protecting teeth that have suffered decay or other damage. When your your dentist discovers a cavity (decay) in a tooth, it is important to treat it immediately to avoid it growing bigger and leading to more serious problems.

A repair can be done with different materials, but a common material used is composite. It is a mixture of glass and resin that can be colored to match the color of the patient’s tooth. This means that it is only visible if you look at the tooth very closely.
In more extensive caries, the pulp (nerve of the tooth) can become inflamed and may require root canal treatment where the pulp and bacteria are removed from the root canals and the canals are filled with gutta-percha to fill and seal the canals.

Thanks to technological advances in dentistry, having a tooth restored today is virtually painless, and there are many material options to choose from. So if your dentist recommends that you repair a tooth, we recommend that you do so to avoid worse problems in the future.

We mostly use composite. Composite fillings are made from a mixture of glass and resin and can be given the same color as the tooth so that they are only visible if you look at them extremely closely.

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