Preparation and fillings

When your dentist tells you that you have a hole (cavity), it means that you need to repair the tooth if you want to protect it from further decay. If the tooth is not repaired, the hole becomes larger and in the worst case can lead to a loss of the jawbone in the long run.

It can be said that more the caries attack penetrates into the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and becomes inflamed. Then a root canal must be done.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in dentistry, getting a tooth fixed today is basically painless, so there’s no reason to avoid getting it fixed if your dentist recommends it. There are many more material options now than there were before.

We mostly use composite. The composite fillings are made from a mixture of glass and resin and can be given the same color as the tooth so that they are only visible if you look extremely close.

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