Bed rehabilitation

Reconstruction, elevation of the bite and/or complete renovation

Sometimes a more extensive restoration of the bite is required to restore effective chewing function and ensure long-term durability. At Gloss & Floss®, we offer expertise in reconstruction, bite raising, and total restoration to meet your unique needs.

It is not uncommon for people to wait a long time before seeking dental care, or to regularly have minor repairs without addressing the underlying problems. It is important to note that the most long-term sustainable treatment to restore chewing function, jaw joints and aesthetics may require more extensive rehabilitation.

Our experience and expertise make us proud to offer a tailored mix of treatments to provide the best possible long-term prognosis for your teeth. Smooth chewing function and a stable bite structure are essential to ensure the sustainability of the treatment carried out and prevent damage to the teeth. We are dedicated to preventing the breakdown of teeth, one by one, due to improper loading of the bite.

Trust our knowledgeable and experienced team to guide you through your bite rehabilitation and restore not only your chewing function but also your oral health and aesthetics. We are proud of our expertise in this area and look forward to helping you on your way to healthy and sustainable oral health.

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