Our Sustainability work

Gloss & Floss ® Dental Care’s goal is to build the best dental clinic in Stockholm with a long-term and sustainable focus, where the business is conducted in a responsible manner based on our core values and our care philosophy.

Our clinic at Gloss & Floss Dental Care is committed to protecting the environment and improving the working environment for our staff and patients. We have carefully documented procedures and processes that meet or exceed the environmental and health and safety requirements of the authorities.

We follow Stockholm’s Environmental Program and the Environmental Program for SLL and continuously adapt our operations to comply with the latest laws and regulations.

Our business is affiliated with Sweden Recycling and receives advice according to Environmental Code Chapter 10 quality program for dental care where we receive continuous updates on the environment and work environment. We have documented procedures for the use of chemical products and technology that minimize the risk to the environment, staff and patients.

We also have environmental agreements with Sweden Recycling to ensure responsible waste management. We do not use amalgam in our treatment and sort all waste according to the recycling method.