Our Sustainability Efforts

At Gloss & Floss® Dental Care, our goal is to establish the finest dental practice in Stockholm, with a strong focus on long-term sustainability. We conduct our operations responsibly, guided by our core values and treatment philosophy.

Gloss & Floss Dental Care is dedicated to environmental protection and enhancing the workplace for our staff and patients. We maintain meticulously documented procedures and processes that meet or exceed regulatory requirements for both the environment and workplace safety.

We adhere to Stockholm’s Environmental Program and the Environmental Program for the Stockholm County Council, continually adapting our operations to stay in compliance with the latest laws and regulations.

Our practice is affiliated with Sweden Recycling and receives guidance in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Environmental Code, a quality program for dental care, which provides us with ongoing updates on environmental and workplace safety. We have well-documented protocols for the use of chemical products and technology that minimize risks to the environment, our staff, and our patients.

Furthermore, we have established environmental agreements with Sweden Recycling to ensure responsible waste management. We do not use amalgam in our treatments and diligently practice waste sorting using the circular economy method.