Patient information GDPR

Every time you contact us, we register personal data about you. Personal data is needed to be able to provide good, safe, and secure dental care. Personal data is also used to follow up on our operations and to get a picture of our patients’ dental health. The two laws that regulate the handling of personal data within our operations are the Patient Data Act and the Data Protection Regulation.

How do you process my data?

We are obliged to keep a patient record for each patient. The patient record can, for example, contain personal data such as the background to the care, information about the diagnosis, performed and planned measures, and information about when and who made the note in the record. Your data is needed and processed to provide good and safe care, as well as for operational and quality monitoring. Some of the personal data must also be reported to national health data registers and the Social Insurance Agency. We have the right to register your personal data in the patient record and healthcare register even if you have not given us your consent.

As a patient with us, you have the opportunity to book an appointment via our website, via email or phone. To provide you with this service, we collect your name, email, and telephone number. The processing of your data is necessary to be able to fulfill the agreement with you and to fulfill legal obligations incumbent on us as healthcare providers. The contact details are saved in our patient record system by the provisions of the Patient Data Act.

How long do we keep your personal data?

There are clear rules in the Patient Data Act and the Data Protection Ordinance for how we must preserve or delete your personal data. According to these regulations, for example, personal data in a journal document must be preserved for at least ten years after the last personal data was entered into the document.

Who gets access to your personal data?

In dentistry, information about patients’ health or other personal circumstances is strictly confidential. We will therefore not disclose your personal data if we are not obliged to do so as a result of laws and regulations (e.g. to the Social Insurance Agency, the National Board of Health and the Swedish Institute for Infection Control), or if we have received your express consent to such disclosure.

This does not preclude us from using suppliers who process your personal data on our behalf in accordance with written agreements and our instructions. The supplier who gets access to your personal data is not given any right to use your personal data for purposes other than the purposes stated in this patient information.

What rights do I have?

Take part in the patient record

As a patient, you have the right to access information contained in your patient record. You also have the right to receive a copy of all or parts of the patient record.

Get your personal data corrected or deleted

If you have a dissenting opinion about what is written in your patient record or believe that information there is incorrect, you have the right to have this entered into your patient record. To have an item removed from your patient record, you must contact the Inspectorate for Care and Care (IVO) at to have this tried.

Get information about accessing your patient record

All readings of electronic patient records are recorded, this is called logging. As a patient, you have the option of receiving an extract from the log, i.e. a list of who has viewed your personal data.