What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment that helps correct crooked or overcrowded teeth. Instead of traditional metal brackets and wires of traditional braces, ClearCorrect uses a series of transparent, removable plastic trays – called aligners – to straighten your teeth. These aligners fit directly onto the teeth and are virtually invisible when worn, and they’re easy to remove for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.

It can be used to treat crossbites, diastemas (spaces between teeth), scissor bites, open bites, crowded bites, rotated and misaligned teeth.

Advantages of ClearCorrect:

  1. It is transparent and can be used in social contexts without noticing that there is a rail. There is nothing that rubs the cheek or lip that traditional braces can do.
  2. It is easy to brush your teeth and keep them clean throughout the treatment period as the splint is only removed when brushing and at meals.
  3. A treatment that can usually be predicted, i.e. that you can predict what the intended result will be before you start the treatment.
  4. The splint given to the patient can either be worn for 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks. This is determined by the dentist in connection with the planning.
  5. If treatment is planned to last 11 months and each splint is to be worn for 2 weeks, the patient will be assigned 22 splints in total.

How does it happen?

  1. The patient tells us about his wishes and about his expected result
  2. The dentist examines your teeth and then the teeth are scanned (with a digital scanner) alt. silicone impression in the upper and lower jaw. This is in turn sent to ClearCorrect.
  3. The company to which it is sent after 1–4 days produces a design of the expected result. This design is then shown to the patient.
  4. In this presentation of the proposal, the price of the treatment and the time it takes for the entire procedure is also discussed.
  5. If the patient approves the proposal, the splints are ordered immediately and about 1-2 weeks later they can be handed out.
  6. On the day of delivery, the rails are tested on site. The patient receives instructions on how to use them and is given time for the next check-up.
  7. Depending on what the dentist recommends, you usually wear one splint for 1, 2, or 3 weeks at a time before changing to the next one.
  8. The splint must be worn 22–23 hours per day. Only when eating and brushing the teeth should the splint be removed.